Wikileaks and US patriotism

I came to know about this in the morning through Times of India. A leak of 91000 classified documents by wikileaks which clearly demonstrate that Pakistan and its notorious ISI is fuelling terrorism in Afghanistan and India. You can read about this in Afghan War Diary, 2004-2010.

For we, Indians, this, in fact, is no news. It is a common knowledge here. ISI works very closely with separatist elements to perpetrates heinous crimes of violence against Indians – in India and abroad.

We Indians often find ourselves totally helpless in the midst of such attacks. India, who is a very soft target for terrorist is suffering from the callous and insensitive attitude of its successive Political leaders, who are just incapable of developing a winning strategy for winning this war.

Often I think as if common man in India is condemned by destiny to live in perpetual fear with no surety whether he will return home safely in evening or not.

Well enough of India and its bad luck. There is something which I want to say about Americans.

The wikileaks reports have shown that Washington is blindly paying Pakistan massive amounts of money for access to Afghanistan even as Islamabad uses its spy agency ISI to plot the death of American and Nato troops, allied Indian personnel, and undermines US Policy.

Now I want to ask two question

Number one : Where are the patriot Americans?

Those we see in Hollywood blockbuster who always emerge as the savior of the man kind.

Will those American now arise to take notice of this leak? Can we expect that something will be done now?

Number two : Is President Obama any different from Mr Bush ?

He may be the most charismatic leader of our times, but can he bring justice to those martyrs US soldiers who were died because the US money which was expected to help them was diverted to plot their killings?

I hope world’s most powerful democracy will try to look inwards and have an introspection.

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