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Heinz launches smoked bacon-flavored ketchup

Heinz launches smoked bacon-flavored ketchup

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Heinz is launching a new smoky bacon-flavored ketchup.

If you're the kind of person who can never get enough of bacon, thinks it's the best part of a full English breakfast, and always has to add some bacon to your burgers, then all your Christmases are coming together at the same time.

The good folks decided to combine smoked bacon and tomatoes for their own spicy combination for a taste sensation.

Smoked Bacon Ketchup is perfect drizzled over fries, slathered on burgers, and of course, slathered on bacon shanties.

Smoked Bacon Ketchup is the perfect accompaniment to almost anything (Heinz)

Thiago Rapp, head of communications and brand building at Heinz, said: “We all know that when it comes to ketchup, it’s Heinz and following the success of our pickle-flavored ketchup last year, we knew we were on to something What it’s about is introducing delicious new flavors to your favorite Heinz ketchup, and this one is absolutely sizzling delicious!”

Heinz Ketchup Smoked Bacon flavor will be available in Sainsbury's stores nationwide from Wednesday 10 April, priced at £3.39.

The ketchup will be available in Morrisons from April 22 and Tesco from April 29, before arriving in Asda in June.

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