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Tim Tams finally arrives in the UK

Tim Tams finally arrives in the UK

Much-loved Australian chocolate is coming to British shores

One of Australia's biggest exports, Tim Tams, is hitting UK shelves.

Anyone who has been to Australia is likely to come back raving about the incredible scenery, wildlife, weather and Tim Tams.

Introduced by biscuit company Arnott's in 1964, these bars feature a creamy filling sandwiched between crunchy biscuits and coated in silky chocolate.

The closest British pub is probably the Penguin, but anyone who has tried a Tim Tam is convinced that theirs is far superior.

People would stuff these into their suitcases because they knew they could only get to the chocolate by going back to the bottom of the ocean.

Well, that won't last long as the much-loved treat has arrived in the UK.

Waitrose & Partners and Ocado are selling chocolate biscuits for £2.50 each.

In addition to the original flavor, Dark Caramel and Chewy Caramel flavors will also be available for purchase.

All three flavors are available in Waitrose and Ocado (Arnott's) in the UK

While these bars are delicious on their own, another popular way to eat them is called the “Tim Tam Slam.”

This involves biting off the opposite corners of the bar and using the Tim Tam as a straw to sip your hot beverage of choice.

“While Tim Tam is Australia’s favorite chocolate chip biscuit, we know this delicious cookie is loved around the world,” Tim Tam marketing manager Rebecca Chan said.

She added that the candy is “now available for purchase direct in the UK for consumers to enjoy as a special treat or for gatherings with family and friends.”

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