Home Life ‘My husband wants an open marriage because he’s unsatisfied with my body’

‘My husband wants an open marriage because he’s unsatisfied with my body’

‘My husband wants an open marriage because he’s unsatisfied with my body’

A woman has revealed that her husband has asked for an open marriage because of the way she looks

Taking to Reddit, the OP explained that she was in her mid 30s, and that her body was changing, as one would expect.

“My boobs are sagging. I have a pretty big stomach now. I’m 5’3 and 165 pounds,” she wrote.

“We tried having sex recently and he was turned off from my body. I didn’t shave my body. I had body hair.

“He complained that I even had hair around my belly button and he just couldn’t [get in the mood] seeing my body.”

She continued: “He also wants my vagina shaved bald everytime we have sex but shaving is so uncomfortable for me and I don’t want to wax it hurts so bad and I had a terrible reaction to waxing.”

The OP explained that her husband was not looking for a divorce “since we do love each other,” but said that his attraction was now emotional and not physical.

“He suggested an open marriage. I’m thinking about it because I don’t think it’s fair to him to be unsatisfied with my body.”

She added: “I don’t have interest to lose weight. He wants to have sex with fitter and slimmer women that shave their body hair and that’s just not me so I’m thinking about letting him have sex with other women.”

Replies to the Redditor’s confession are understandably calling for her to consider what she would get out of this arrangement.

“What benefit do YOU get out of staying in this kind of relationship? Go and find happiness with someone who is attracted to you, no matter what size or shape you are,” one person responded. “Don’t put up with this bulls**t.”

A second wrote: “Just skip the open marriage and go straight to divorce. It will save you a lot of time and effort. If he actually loved you, he would never treat you the way he does. He would never ask you for an open marriage.”

While a third penned: “Look, I’ve been married for 26 years together for 29, I see my wife like the first time i saw her, she was 30, I was 28, we have both gained weight over the years, she still turns me on. Your man does not love you, just divorce him now, you will save a lot of heartache and probably an STI.”

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