6th Pay Commission : Which is the best Calculator ?


The 6th Pay commission, which was recently officially announced by Indian Government through a notification, has made all the Government employees very busy these days. No matter where you go in a Government setup,  the only discussion going on there will be the calculation of Salary structure and Arrears which Government employees are going to get from this month.

Though there are many calculators available online which will help you calculating your salary/arrears based on the recommendations of Sixth Pay Commission, not all of them are accurate and a majority of them are programmed for calculating the Pay/arrears of only those Government emplooyees who have not got any promotion between Jan 2006 and Aug 2008 or for those who have not get any change in Grade Pay during this period.

Therefore, all those Government employees, who have got either a promotion or a change in Grade Pay between Jan 2006 and Aug 2008 are finding it difficult to calculate their exact pay/arrears.

If you are a Government employee, let me tell you about one website which is having Pay calculators for all such people, who have got either a promotion or a change in Grade Pay between Jan 2006 and Aug 2008, and who are finding it difficult to calculate their exact pay/arrears. This website has been designed by the people of IIT Madras and you can be 100% sure of the accuracy of their Pay calculators.

The site is : http://gate.iitm.ac.in/6pc/

When you click on the above link, you’ll be taken to a calculator where you can calculate your new salary/arrears if your grade pay has not been revised between Jan 2006 and Aug 2008. Just below this calculator, you will find links for other calculators which are for :

I hope the above calculators will help you to accurately calculate your salaries/arrears. Enjoy !

UPDATE : Dear friend please don’t ask your pay, arrears or pension related questions here. I am not an expert in calculating salary. The above suggested calculator was for your personal calculation only. It is not intended to replace the actual salary/pension that will be created by your Admin Section. Your actual salary/pension can only be calculated by the persons responsible for fixing pay in your office. If you still want to ask any question, please ask on the real site (http://gate.iitm.ac.in/6pc/). Not here. I am afraid I’ll not be able to answer your questions on this issue. – Eklavya


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  1. sunil

    07/28/2009, 10:22 pm


    Ur calculator is best one available on the net.. but grade and HRA rate are slight different from our state i.e J&k state. If possible can u please mail the calculator in excel form so that we can calculate as per our state SRO


  2. satishkumar sawhney

    09/01/2009, 05:08 pm

    iam very happy to calculate the arrear of my wife who is a teacher in kvs last time iwas lot of time to calculate the areear
    thank you for good website



    01/05/2012, 11:34 am

    I ashok kumar govt employee in youth services and sports department jammu i got my parmotion as phy edu master in 30th of june 2008 at that time my basic pay was Rs 5750 the next grade was 6500 now please fix my basic pay [ 9300 -34800]


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