Yoga Day for World: Music Day for Bihar

When the world celebrates the International Yoga Day for the second year on Tuesday, Bihar will sing a different tune. Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar has decided not to observe International Yoga Day, apparently taking offence to the BJP-led central government cold shouldering his call for total prohibition, an issue close to his heart. Instead, […]

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MTS MBlaze Ultra Wi-fi

MTS Mblaze Wi-fi set up problem : How to solve it?

A few days ago, I purchased MTS Mblaze wifi dongle to supplement my present connection (of MTNL) which often became unreliable. After activating the Mblaze dongle, I found myself utterly confused by a problem which was this:- (1) The Mblaze connection was working on my Laptop as USB host i.e. when I physically inserted the […]

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How to identify the font of a webpage

Today I learnt the ultimate method of finding font used in any page on internet. This is super quick and correct. Here is what to do : First of all : (1) You need to install Mozilla Firefox browser in your PC. (2) The install the Add-on Font Info in firefox. The browser will have […]

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Hello in 2015

It’s been 7 years since I started this blog. After a few dedicated blogging sessions that lasted upto 2010, I completely stopped caring about this blog. Now I am back again to write my random thoughts on this blog.

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