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MTS MBlaze Ultra Wi-fi

MTS Mblaze Wi-fi set up problem : How to solve it?

A few days ago, I purchased MTS Mblaze wifi dongle to supplement my present connection (of MTNL) which often became unreliable. After activating the Mblaze dongle, I found myself utterly confused by a problem which was this:- (1) The Mblaze connection was working on my Laptop as USB host i.e. when I physically inserted the […]

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How I became a fan of Hostgator

I have become a big fan of Hostgator, one the internet’s leading web hosting companies. If you are looking for a reliable, supportive and affordable web hosting company for hosting your website/blog, I strongly recommend you to go for Hostgator. Here is why I recommend them : First of all a quick summary : They […]

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A must read for all Gmail Users

If any one of you is using Gmail as your email account (in addition to Yahoo etc), then please read this true story about a security hole in Gmail which may lead to some very serious problem if you ever send/receive any password related information through Gmail. The website of a guy was hijacked by […]

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A blogging challenge that I have accepted

Hi friends, Of late I was thinking to start blogging on this site seriously (which I was not able to do till now.) Today I came to know about a 31 days Blogging challenge which is all about making one’s blog effective & popular. I read about this challenge on a wonderful blog viz. The […]

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