A blogging challenge that I have accepted

Hi friends,

Of late I was thinking to start blogging on this site seriously (which I was not able to do till now.) Today I came to know about a 31 days Blogging challenge which is all about making one’s blog effective & popular. I read about this challenge on a wonderful blog viz. The Bamboo Project where you can learn many things to improve your life.

So what is the challenge actually ? Well it’s not a challenge in strict sense. It’s a collaborative group task where many bloggers will write regular tips about blogging on their respective blog and post the links (of these tips) to Problogger.net which is hugely popular blog about Blogging ! Thy guy Darren Rowse who owns and runs Problogger.net is a prolific blogger who earns six figure income every year by just writing about Blogging. He is a pioneer among all those bloggers who blog about blogging. You must read his blog to keep abreast with all the new technologies as well as new monetization methods for blogs.

Darren Rowse has started this challenge which in his own word is about :

“To put it most simply – it’s a month long series of posts here at ProBlogger designed to walk you through 31 tasks that you can do to make your blog better.”

Read in detail about this challenge here

All the blogging tips are expected to revolve around following :

  • finding readers
  • building community/keeping readers
  • monetizing a blog

So I accept this challenge and from now onwards, for one month (the challenge will last till August), I’ll be writing /commenting on various blogging tips which I have/shall learn in my online journey. I also consider this challenge as an opportunity to popularize my blog which is still a toddler in the blogging world.

I invite all of you fellow blogger to join and improve your blogging skills.

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6 Responses to A blogging challenge that I have accepted

  1. Laura Aug 7, 2007 at 12:47 pm #

    Hi Eklavya, welcome to this challenge! I’m part of the collection of people taking it up too, thanks to Michele Martin’s Bamboo Project Blog. It’s alot of work, but is hopefully worth the effort!
    From Laura in the UK!

  2. Indian Aug 7, 2007 at 1:47 pm #

    Thanks a lot Laura ! I am glad that you contacted me. I know that it’s going to be very very interesting.


  1. PutVote.com - Aug 6, 2007

    Join this Blogging challenge to improve your Blog

    All of you fellow bloggers are invited to join this Blogging challenge which will help you improve your Blog.

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