Home Sport Guardiola reacts hilariously to viral Jack Grealish exchange

Guardiola reacts hilariously to viral Jack Grealish exchange

Guardiola reacts hilariously to viral Jack Grealish exchange

Guardiola's box office

Pep Guardiola couldn't help but make a sarcastic but hilarious comment on his recent exchange with Jack Grealish.

During Manchester City's 0-0 draw with Arsenal, cameras captured the pair talking to each other shortly after the final whistle.

As is customary, Guardiola doesn't shy away from telling his players where they can improve in the public eye, and Grealish is the latest to receive some glowing advice.

Some have criticized the Catalans for grilling Grealish's performances, saying he has missed a lot of games this season through injury.

Guardiola's sarcastic response

Ahead of Wednesday's game against Aston Villa, Guardiola was asked about his recent exchange with Grealish and jokingly claimed he only spoke to the player when the camera was on him to bolster his ego. .

He said: “I do it for the camera and my ego.

“I need to go to sleep with my camera and feel so content.

“I always try to criticize the players there and let them know how bad they are.

“Especially when Erling scores a three-pointer, the camera has to be on me.”


The title is not in Manchester City's hands?

For the first time in a long time, the title is no longer in Manchester City's hands.

There is no doubt that they are one of the best teams in the world and regularly win the league title.

But Sunday's game proved there's more than one dog in the title race – two, to be exact.

Liverpool and Arsenal are both above the defending champions but neither are playing. They actually have to rely on the team to drop points to win the championship.

Pep Guardiola Jack Grealish

Liverpool have shown many times this season that they can bounce back from setbacks and overcome difficulties, even if they are not playing at full strength.

Arsenal, meanwhile, are a year older and wiser after losing the title last year and losing to Manchester City all season long.

All three have nine games remaining to end their seasons, and for the first time in a long time, it feels like we have a real title race on our hands. bring it on.

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