Please read : this is important

Do you know why you landed here ?

Recently, this blog was severely attacked by a Pharma Hack. It simply means that :-

(1) The hackers got an illegal control of this blog and created thousands of pages related to viagra, cialis, pfizer etc.

(2) Then, they created thousands of links to these spammy pages from other websites under their control.

The page you just typed or clicked (which, incidentally, landed you on this page), may be one of those spammy page. As these pages were creation of the hackers (not mine ), I have decided to remove them.

That’s why you are here.

However, if you think that you clicked on a legitimate link (i.e. of those pages/posts which have been written by me) and have landed here by mistakes, here is a list of all the blog posts (Articles) written by me on this blog till date. Just go through them and, in all likelihood, you will find what you were looking for.

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