New Direction of This Blog

After rambling for so many years on various topics related to India, politics, World economy and other tidbits of blogging, this blog is going to take a new direction. From now onward, this blog will be publishing articles to help readers (mainly bloggers & webmasters) find profitable niche ideas. Finding a niche for your next […]

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MTS MBlaze Ultra Wi-fi

MTS Mblaze Wi-fi set up problem : How to solve it?

A few days ago, I purchased MTS Mblaze wifi dongle to supplement my present connection (of MTNL) which often became unreliable. After activating the Mblaze dongle, I found myself utterly confused by a problem which was this:- (1) The Mblaze connection was working on my Laptop as USB host i.e. when I physically inserted the […]

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How to identify the font of a webpage

Today I learnt the ultimate method of finding font used in any page on internet. This is super quick and correct. Here is what to do : First of all : (1) You need to install Mozilla Firefox browser in your PC. (2) The install the Add-on Font Info in firefox. The browser will have […]

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Hello in 2015

It’s been 7 years since I started this blog. After a few dedicated blogging sessions that lasted upto 2010, I completely stopped caring about this blog. Now I am back again to write my random thoughts on this blog.

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