How does it feel to live in the third most dangerous country of the World ?

India  has become the third most dangerous country in the world” in terms of bomb blasts cases (per year) only next to Iraq and Pakistan!

According to the latest data from the National Bomb Data Centre (NBDC) ( , surprisingly, war-torn countries Afghanistan and violence-ridden Syria are even ‘better’ than India. The data reveals that India was rocked by 212 bomb blasts in 2013 while Afghanistan suffered 108 blasts last year. Bangladesh was hit by 75 blasts and Syria was hit by only 36 bomb blasts.

In India, the figures of total number bomb blasts was 241, that resulted in 113 deaths and 419 injuries. In 2013, 212 blasts led to 130 fatalities and 466 injuries.

In fact, along with Pakistan and Iraq, India accounts for almost 75% of bomb blasts in the world.

So how ordinary Indians feel about it ? 

In one simple word : It does not matter anymore.

We have seen so many bloodbath, bomb blasts, terrorist attacks,  deaths that it all seems no news. In fact most Indians have surrendered themselves to their fate. We all know that anything can happen to anybody anytime.

An apathy of this kind is often considered bad. However, given the state of the affairs of in India, this apathy is what helps us cope with this looming danger. Ignorance is bliss. In India it is more than a bliss.

For we Indians, it is business as usual.

There is another reason for this detachment to fear.  We are a country of 1.25 Billion people. The country is so large and huge that the terrorist attacks, though appears large in numbers, are too miniscule as to shake the confidence of common Indians.  For an outsider, India may be  a dangerous place. For us, it is our home, our motherland and we all have no choice to change this destiny of ours. It is our country and ultimately we all shall merge in the soil of our motherland.

Despite millions of problems, most  Indians are optimist.


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