Indian Blogger : Why it was not happening for past few months?

The site was infested with a huge hack attack which lead to its prolonged De-indexing from Google SERPs.

Meanwhile, I handed it over to one of my friend Pumpkeshi to add content to it.

However, he could not find time to update the site on regular basis. As such, I am again left with no option to come and manage the site on my own.

A lot of waters has passed from Ganga since the day I wrote my last article here.

Now the burning issues are :

(1) Dwindling economy.

(2) Free fall of Rupee against dollar.

(3) Arrest of Aasa Ram Bapu in a case of sexual molestation.

(4) Coming elections in India.

Expect some new posts on above from me in the next few days.











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