Lessons learned from long period of problems and absence

I have forgotten how to write.

Yes, I really mean it.

I just don’t remember when was the last time I wrote any article for internet.

From article, I mean  real, meaningful and informative article written exclusively for web. it may be on this blog or any other platform

Really I am at loss to figure out when was it.

For the past 6 months I was passing through a deep trouble in my personal life.

It was traumatic and really tense. And it drained all of my energy, wasted my precious time and resulted in massive financial loss.

But it was something over which I did not have any control whatsoever.

Somewhere I had read :


Now as the situation has improved a lot, I can reflect on  what I have gone through.

Though it is a personal blog of mine, it is still read by at least 100 people a day.(So much drop in the readership)

So it would not be appropriate for me to write intimate details of what I have gone through.

But I can at least share lessons from that experience here.

You know what. You may be the most hardworking, intelligent and talented person on earth.

You may have great dreams, plans and ambition in your life.

Despite all the great assets you have in your arsenal…

often you may find yourself in a complete mess. You may become completely handicapped.

Totally shocked and stunned by the vicious circumstances of your life…which strangle you and

..hold you so tightly that you can’t do anything.

Almost a state of paralysis.  Leaving you in a huge state of shock and loss.

This is life. it is just like that.

We all are mere mortals. The moment you think you have become insurmountable and failure-proof, that very moment..

somebody laughs….at your naivety.

Call this somebody Karma, existence, God, higher power, Kaal or Destiny.

You will never know when the fortune turns its table.

It may happen any moment.

So what’s the lesson ?

It’s all part of your destiny.

Understand it’s unpredictable nature.  Be ready for it.

In short ….a majority of things in our lives are pre-destined.

No matter how hard we tried, if there is something which is not in our destiny, we will not get it.

It is just like that.

Though I am not a firm believer in luck, fortune or fate, I have this tiny understanding based on my own life’s experience :-

Our life is a canvas with a limited freedom. Call it a loosely defined borderline rectangle.

Within this canvas, we can create any picture of our life.

However, beyond that canvass, we can’t go.

No matter how hard we try…we will be having a particular well defined (though not easily recognizable) area beyond which we can’t go.

This limited area I call destiny.

I can draw whatever picture I want to draw on my canvass. But nothing beyond this canvass.

So What is the ultimate lesson ?

Try to find your own canvass. Your true Dharma.

Don’t try drawing a picture on someone else canvass. You must find your path.

Your destined path. That will be the most satisfying moment.

And don’t get upsets by troubles in your life.

In the ultimate analysis nothing matters.

Always have a long-term perspective of life. It is only after incidents and happenings faded away in past that we realize their true significance.  Why they happened in our lives. What are the lessons they taught us. All these things we get to learn only after a considerable period of time.

That’s all for today. I hope you get something meaningful from the troubles of my life.



One Response to Lessons learned from long period of problems and absence

  1. dewang Vora May 20, 2013 at 3:37 am #

    Wonderfully drafted , hope by this time all your worries have disappeared, The way you have drafted your learning is admirable keep writing i wil be following you now ..

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