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Remembering a Dream on Obama’s win

Not long ago, on August 28, 1963, a great black leader of America Martin Luther King Jr. gave one of the most memorable and emotional speech in the history of mankind. It was a speech filled with pain  and hope. Pain for the conditions of blacks in America and hope that one day they will be […]

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The sad story of Aditya Mohan

This is a photo of Aditya Mohan. How cute he is na ? Sadly, Aditya is no more. Unfortunately this cute baby of just 4.5 months died on 17 June 2008 in a Jet Airways Plane during its landing at IGI Airport Delhi. The baby was being breast-fed by his mother during the landing and […]

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Read this comment of a reader of my blog

My post on Raj Thackeray is the one that invites maximum comments from readers. It touched the right strings for many and initiate a sort of debate in the comment section itself. Today, one participant Meenakshi has posted a comment there which again draws our attention to the rowdy behaviour of MNS. Read about their […]

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