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Remembering a Dream on Obama’s win

Not long ago, on August 28, 1963, a great black leader of America Martin Luther King Jr. gave one of the most memorable and emotional speech in the history of mankind. It was a speech filled with pain  and hope. Pain for the conditions of blacks in America and hope that one day they will be […]

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What Warren Buffets Does When Stock Market Falls ?

Owing to the recent mess in the stock market, often our discussion in office revolves around falling stocks of Indian companies. Just a few days ago when we were involved in one such discussion, one friend guessed about what Warren Buffet must be doing these days. After all, this legendary investor, who became world’s richest […]

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6th Pay Commission : Which is the best Calculator ?

The 6th Pay commission, which was recently officially announced by Indian Government through a notification, has made all the Government employees very busy these days. No matter where you go in a Government setup,  the only discussion going on there will be the calculation of Salary structure and Arrears which Government employees are going to […]

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The sad story of Aditya Mohan

This is a photo of Aditya Mohan. How cute he is na ? Sadly, Aditya is no more. Unfortunately this cute baby of just 4.5 months died on 17 June 2008 in a Jet Airways Plane during its landing at IGI Airport Delhi. The baby was being breast-fed by his mother during the landing and […]

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Read this comment of a reader of my blog

My post on Raj Thackeray is the one that invites maximum comments from readers. It touched the right strings for many and initiate a sort of debate in the comment section itself. Today, one participant Meenakshi has posted a comment there which again draws our attention to the rowdy behaviour of MNS. Read about their […]

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