The best article rewriting software on earth: and it is free!!

The other day I got an email from an internet marketer wherein he recommended about a new article rewriting software. This software was targeted towards those who wants to create content for their website but don’t have the time for writing the new stuff. This software helps them in rewriting an existing article so that it appears unique and get a good ranking in Google. What this particular software does is to give suggestions (by providing synonyms or similar phrase) for every word mentioned in the article so that necessary changes can be made in it. After changing most words of the articles with appropriate similar words, you can get a brand new article.

After the advent of Adsense program from Google, the creation of original content (mainly in the form of articles) has become quite a rage. Since Google is becoming more and more sensitive (and technologically capable) to identify the duplicate content from the original one, the earlier practice of using articles from Article Directories (such as Ezine Articles) as fresh contents for our website is losing it’s effectiveness. If you republish an article in your website there is every possibility that this article will be entered into the supplemental index of Google (which is a less important Google index considered different from main index) and you’lll not get any benefit from it.

The solution of this problem proposed by some clever internet marketers is to use the rewritten version of the article instead of the original one. The strategy lies in rewriting the article with the help of other similar words such as synonyms etc. This way the article become a new one and unique. This increases its possibility of being considered as a fresh & unique article that can get a higher ranking in Google.

In order to save time, many people have invented softwares for rewriting the entire article automatically. It is claimed that you only need to point and click and you’ll instantly get a new article. Some softwares also claimed to be able to create hundred different clones of a single article just by the click of a button. It was also claimed that many people are using these softwares with amazing results.

As I read all this stuff about article rewriting softwares, I decided to try my hand with some of them. I was hoping to get the magical wand that will help my problem of content creation by rewriting thousands of articles that lies dormant in the hard disk of my computer.

Alas ! How wrong I was. My search for the perfect software that can rewrite the articles lead me to a disappointing conclusion. I found that all these Softwares (particularly those recommended by so called Internet Gurus) are a pure waste of time and money.

There are two types of Article Rewriting Softwares in the market. First are those that provide a list of synonyms and similar phrases for the exact words/phrases used in the article. However, as you use them, you’ll find that to choose the synonyms for every single word and to make it as meaningful as the original sentence was, is a very time consuming exercise.

For example see this screenshot. The software used is Wordflood”


Though it is nice to have a readymade list of all the similar words of a particular sentence in an article, is it really the way to rewrite an article? Can we have a perfect rewrite of an article if we just replace the words use in it with their synonyms? There can be only one answer of this question – No. In most of the cases, if you change the words with their synonyms, you will not only change the body of the article but also distort its soul. The whole article will lose it’s meaning. So in all likelihood you’ll have to use your brain to make the article meaningful and unique.

The second types of Article rewriting softwares are those which provide a point & click” interface. You load an article in the software and just by clicking a button; you’ll get a brand new article. No need to select the synonyms or similar phrase. The software does the entire work for you. This type of softwares, though are very fast, have some serious disadvantages. The most glaring one is their tendency to completely distort the meaning of the sentences used in the article and render it ineffective. Just see these two paragraphs generated by one such software Contentwrite Pro which is selling for a price of $97.

This was the original paragraph :

“Many dental insurance companies offer deductibles that can be decided upon. If you can afford to have a higher deductible, you may find that it then becomes more affordable dental insurance. This is one way that you can lower your rates.”

Now after using that software, here is the resultant rewritten paragraph .The words in bold are new replacement made by the software.

“Many dental insurance companies agreement deductibles that can be absolute upon. If you can present to have a senior deductible, you may find that it then becomes more affordable dental insurance. This is one way that you can worse your rates.”

Now tell me would you like to have such a meaningless stuff on your website ? The phrase lower your rate” has completely lost its meaning when we replace it with worse your rates”.

The second big disadvantage of using such point & click” software is that they can not create a really unique article despite their big claims. If you use an entirely automatic software( the one where you load an article, click a button and get a new rewritten article), there is every possibility that this resultant article will also be considered a duplicate one by Google because just like you other persons (using the same software ) may have also created the same resultant article and used it on their websites. There is every possibility of this because free to use articles are available for everybody to use. In other words your precious software will be of no use to you.


Apart from other two reasons, rewriting an existing article is itself a grey area. You are using somebody else idea and giving it your name by tinkering with some words and paragraphs. Read this interesting discussion on digital point on this issue. Secondly, often the resultant product is a crap, with no soul in it.

So what is the solution? Let me tell you what it is.

There is a software which is the most powerful article rewriter on earth. It’ll create the most powerful, accurate and unique rewrite of any article without distorting its soul. Do you know what it is ?

It is your brain.

A human brain’s probable processing power is around 100 teraflops, roughly 100 trillion calculations per second. This is based on factoring the capability of the brain’s 100 billion neurons, each with over 1,000 connections to other neurons, with each connection capable of performing about 200 calculations per second. See source

For the first time, researchers have calculated that the power of a single brain in terms of memory capacity and discovered that it is greater than all the computers ever made. While even the biggest computer has a capacity of around 10,000,000,000,000 bytes (10 to the power of 12), the human brain has a colossal 10 followed by 8,432 noughts, say the scientists who made the calculations in the journal Brain and Mind. Visit source

If you want to rewrite an article without losing its soul and without inviting the risk of any copyright infringement, you must use your brain to rewrite that article. There is no software that can match the power of your brain. A piece of code cannot think. But your brain can. A piece of code can’t distinguish between meaningless and useful stuff but your brain can.

You may say : But I would like to use these Softwares with my brain to rewrite an article. Is it Ok ?

My answer : No. Don’t use these crappy softwares as assistant in rewriting your articles. Use some solid Softwares. One such solid (& absolutely free) software is Wordweb from which is based on Princeton‘s WordNet project and has a huge collection of 150000 root words & 120000 synonym sets.


This small utility software reside in the system tray and whenever you need to find the meaning/ synonym of any word you only need to press Ctl + right click while highlighting that word. Instantly the small windows popup and you can choose the relevant words from the list.


Just use your brain in conjunction with this small free utility and you’lll have a better and unique article with all the possibility of higher ranking in Google.

If I were to rewrite the above-mentioned paragraph (about dental insurance) in my own writing, here is what it’ll become.

This was the original paragraph :

“Many dental insurance companies offer deductibles that can be decided upon. If you can afford to have a higher deductible, you may find that it then becomes more affordable dental insurance. This is one way that you can lower your rates”

This is the new rewritten paragraph with the use of human brain :

“While going for dental insurance you’ll find that many dental insurance companies offer deductibles ( an amount that can be deducted especially for the purposes of calculating income tax) which can be decided upon by negotiation. You can have a more affordable dental insurance if you manage to have a higher deductible. This is one of the ways to lower your income tax. “

As you can see by rewriting the paragraph using my own style, I make it unique while retaining its effectiveness. I even made it more effective by explaining the meaning of term deductibles” in the paragraph. This is something that can be done by a human brain only. No software can do it.

If you think your brain is not capable of writing or rewriting good stuff owing to your lack of proficiency in grammar or the vocabulary, then you should spend some money on a good English grammar book. Learn the language properly by investing your time and energy into it. It’ll be an investment of the lifetime. Don’t buy any useless stuff in the hope of making quick bucks. In the long run it is not going to help you.

Even now if you feel the urge to buy any writing software, you should buy softwares which are used by actual writers and Editors for creating original stuff. For example one excellent software is Stylewriter – the Plain English Editor. This software, though costs $160, is worth the money as it is a really powerful English editing Software meant for professional writers. What Adobe Photoshop is to Graphic Softwares, Stylewriter it to Writing softwares.

In any case, your brain is more powerful than Stylewriter too. Just hone your writing skills, use your brain, take assistant of Wordweb and rewrite your articles. Please remember that all the stuff that you write online is meant for real people not for Google. Even if Google gives you 1000 visitors what would these visitors do on your website if they find crappy stuff ? Don’t distort the soul of web’s content. First of all try to create original, unique and interesting article by using your brain. If creating original articles in not possible, rewrite already existing articles but again – use your brain. Make articles more interesting and powerful by rewriting them. Don’t distort their soul by using any rewriting software. They are a waste of money.


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