Tasks for day 23 to 27 : Blogging challenge

Ok I am back after a 4 days hiatus. I’ll go straight to the tasks :

Task for day 23 : Go on a Dead Link Hunt

Here what Darren has advised :

What happens when one of the blogs that you’re linking to is retired, is deleted, changes it’s link structure, moves etc? The link is a dead one (also known as Link Rot) and can cost your blog on two fronts:

Readability – clicking on a dead link can mean your readers can end up on error pages or being redirected to other irrelevant content to the one they were expected to get to. This can lead to reader frustration or giving the impression that your blog is old and/or out of touch.

SEO – I’m not sure of the technicalities of it or what the latest research shows but from what I can tell a dead link is not looked upon favorably by search engines and you run the risk of penalties.

My comment: Noted. This task is not for me at the moment. There are so few links on my blog. I checked them and most of them are working fine.

Task for day 24 : Do a Search Engine Optimization Audit on Your Blog

Darren wants us to do a search engine audit. He pointed me towards this post of his:


I must say it’s an excellent post and covers almost all topics about SEO. I think I am already following most of the tips given in this posts. As of now my priority is to create content for my blog (which unfortunately I am not able to do properly). In any case it’s a good post with lots of tips. I shall be using many of the tips mentioned there at the appropriate time.

Task for day 25 : Go Shopping and Improve Your Blog

What a task it is 🙂 It requires me to stay away from my computer, go to market, just wander about, observe everything (particularly people, shoppers, buyers and salesman). Then sit somewhere and think about what I observed and to draw some lessons from it. Any lesson which I can apply to my blogging. Interesting ! Isn’t it 🙂

Well it’s a very interesting task but in my opinion Darren wants us to look for some ideas beyond the online world. To find something interesting in the real off line world and to use it in our online experience of blogging.

Well this is what most successful bloggers do. Real ideas are in the real world. We all have to go outside for great ideas. There are plenty of them in the outside.

What I did about this task? Honestly nothing . I read newspapers, watch television and meet people in my office. That give me enough ideas for blogging and I don’t feel any need to go to any shopping mall for this. Well that’s my way of doing things. I am never short of ideas. Always it’s lack of time which prevents me from implementing them.

Task for day 26 : Link up to a Competitor

Darren says :

To link to another blog in your niche – a ‘competitor’.

While linking to other blogs in your niche might seem a little bizarre to some I’ve seen it’s power many times in my own blogging and that of others. Outbound links Matter!

So here’s the task – find a way to link up to at least one other blog in your niche.

My comments : In my niche nobody is my competitor. Yes. I am not selling anything. All bloggers who have an India centric blogs are my friends. So I’ll link some of my friends here. I’ll did a research on this topic and post my update. Task completed partially 🙂

Task for day 27 : Find a Sponsor for Your Blog

Darren says :

You might not think that your blog is big enough to find sponsors (and you might be right) but even if you’re unsuccessful in finding one you will hopefully learn a thing or two about finding sponsors and might even start a relationship that could be fruitful at some point in the future.

Getting a sponsor for your blog (or selling an advertising spot directly without relying upon an ad network like AdSense) is a great thing for numerous reasons – not the least of which is that you cut out the middleman and don’t have to share the revenue with a company like Google!

It’s not always easy to land a sponsor – but it’s a skill that bloggers wanting to make money from their blogs should learn – even in the early days.

Darren has also referred us to two of his earlier posts in which he has written about this topic in details here & here.

Well to find a sponsor is a really attractive task and can help us monetize full potential of our blog. I have noted this great advise of Darren for implementing the same in future.

In my opinion, traffic is the greatest motivator for advertisers to come. At present, I don’t have this edge. I am working on it and I hope in future I’ll have that edge of a great traffic.

So here I completed my tasks for 5 days in one go. This blogging challenge is coming to an end and to be honest I am getting a bit emotional. I loved this challenge. It taught me so many things: like the power of relationship, the power of group learning, the power of persistence…and so on. I’ll miss this challenge. I hope to write a detailed post about what I learned in this entire one month.

One Response to Tasks for day 23 to 27 : Blogging challenge

  1. Christine Martell Aug 27, 2007 at 1:15 pm #

    You are not alone in wanting to keep so many things we have gained in the challenge, relationships being the most important for me. I think it will be very interesting over time to see how all of our blogs develop and change as a result of this learning. I would love to read a detailed post about all you learned.

    I’m keeping you in my feed reader, so I’ll be watching.

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