Task for day 9 of the blogging challenge : Audit of Ads

Day 9 : Run an Advertising Audit on Your Blog

Here is the task in detail :

It’s easy to set up advertising on your blog and to spend time optimizing it but then let it run the same way without ever giving it much more thought.

Take some time out to think strategically about the design and placement of your ads.

* What could you do differently?

* Would using a different size ad make them perform better?

* Would changing the colors have an impact?

* Could a different position increase CTR?

My opinion :

The task today is to run an Advertising audit on the blog. In another words it means we should see whether the design and placement of ads on our blog are appropriate or not. If not, we should make them more suitable to the look and feel of our website. We must see whether the colours of ads , their sizes and positions are strategically suited to generate maximum clicks or not.

This is an important blogging tips which may results into a significant improvement in your Blogging income.

As far as this website is concerned , I am yet to place any ads on this site. It’s a very new blog with no ads at all. However, I think it’s high time I should introduce Ads on this website. So here we go.

By the time I’ll publish my next post, the site will have ads on it. (I hope so)


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