Some Blogging trends which are here to stay !

After blogging for quite sometime , I have observed some trends in blogging which are being followed by most of the bloggers. Here are my observations:

(1) WordPress is the way to go : Slowly but consistently most bloggers are shifting to WordPress (WP) for their preferred Blogging platform. WordPress is free, fast and extremely user-friendly. Further it’s army of powerful plug-ins and numerous themes have made it a darling of Bloggers. It has made the web more democratic. Now you don’t need a programming/designing skill to make a decent blog. Now it’s only ‘point and click’ thanks to WP. There are other platform also noticeably (by Google), (which give a WordPress blogs to it’s users), Typepad (another very good Blogging software). However, as of now they are just what we can call ‘also ran’. What Google is for search engine, WordPress has become for blogging.

(2) Three columns themes : A 3 Columns WordPress theme is becoming the choice of professional bloggers. It has emerged from the need to accommodate more in the limited screen space available. If you travel in the blogosphere, you’ll find that most bloggers are shifting towards a three-column theme, which has the following structure:


(3) Being online was never so easy : It has become as easy as opening an email account. All those bloggers, who have just started, prefer free Blogging service like and to understand the ABCD of Blogging. They start a new blog, write on it for sometime and then shift to a professional Blogging platform with their own domain name.

(4) Google Adsense is still the most preferred (but not the only) revenue generation model for blogging : Unlike website owners who generally sells a product from their website, most bloggers do not have any product to sell. The only thing they have is their views on the subject of their passion. So they just concentrate of creating content on their blog and Adsense does the task of displaying relevant ads on their blog. Though some new entrants like Text-link ads and Kontera have also entered into the fray and becoming very popular, Adsense is still the most preferred choice of bloggers. Many successful Bloggers are earning some very good money through affiliates programs and reviewing other blogs. One example is Yaro of ‘The entrepreneurs journey’

(5) Social Bookmarking is driving the Blogging boom : Social bookmarking (i.e submitting to sites like Digg, Reddit, Propeller, Stumbleupon etc where people vote on their posts/stories) has become the favorite Blog promotion tool among bloggers. If your blog post is interesting and catches the attention of readers of these sites, you can expect an instant success for your unknown blog. It’s the way many bloggers have taken to bring their blog to fame and fortune. Two blogs which have used this strategy very successfully are : and

(6) RSS is the new parameter to determine popularity of a blog : Slowly the Google pagerank is loosing its dominance as the sole parameter of popularity in blogging world. The new yardstick is the number of RSS subscriber your blog has. The more is the number of subscriber, the more important is your blog to others. It is also a very efficient way of gauging the popularity of a blog. A reader will subscribe to your blog only if he finds something interesting/meaningful there. The very fact that 100s of people will be reading their blog, bloggers try to write qualitative posts in their blogs and refrain from writing useless stuff. It actually improves the quality of content on blogosphere.

(7) Getting a back link was never so easy: Want some back links? Go to some popular blogs, read their posts and leave a nice/honest comment there. You’ll get a backlink instantly. If you don’t like commenting then write a post in your blog and make a mention of that post (along with it’s link). Soon that popular blog will feature your post as a trackback and you’ll get a link. Further, if that is not enough, go to more than 50 social bookmarking websites and submit your blog post. Even if your post does not make it to the front page of these sites, you’ll get 50 backlinks. Getting one way back link was never so easy ! This is a method which is being adopted by many bloggers.

(8) Conversation is still the soul of blogging : Despite the advent of many professional blogs which are highly focused on a particular niche and look like any other normal website, blogging as a whole is still all about conversation and building relations. As you blog, many people will comment on your blog . Then out of curiosity you’ll visit their blogs and leave some comments. The process starts and slowly the strangers will become friends. Often the conversation leads to some very interesting conclusions. May be your post assumes a different meaning altogether when many people come and express their views/counterview on it.

(9) Only serious bloggers can succeed in this game : If you are ready to give at least one year to blogging without expecting anything (popularity or money), then you are in the game. 65,000 blogs are being created very day. Millions for people are trying to get their share of the pie. In this cut-throat scenario, only those can survive who are here to blog just for the sheer joy of it. If money is your prime motive for blogging, you can be frustrated very soon.

So these are my takes on recent blogging trends. If you like them, you are welcome to add your own observations here.


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  1. Sue Waters Oct 11, 2007 at 8:27 pm #

    As always Eklavya you have written an excellent post. Just wish I had more templates to choose from! 🙂 I loved your comments on conversations and assumes a different meaning altogether when many people come and express their views/counterview on it. Am in the process of thinking about Michele Martin’s post on cross conversations — which is so hard.



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