Dig Into Your Blog’s Statistics: Task for day 11

The task for day 11 i.e. for yesterday was

“Dig Into Your Blog’s Statistics”


I somehow missed this task yesterday. I shall do this now :

Here what’s Darren say and my views/action for that :

“Take some time out today to do a little analysis of your blog’s statistics. There is a wealth of information in them that can be incredibly useful.

Here’s a few metrics to dig into to start off with:

  • Most Popular Posts – what posts are being read more than other posts? Knowing this is important for a couple of reasons. For starters it gives you a hint of what topics you could write more upon – but secondly it gives you some key pages on your site to optimize (ie think about how you can drive people from these posts deeper into your blog – I’ve got a video post on this for next week).

My Comment : My post popular post till date has been this one :

7 days have past since Blogger challenge started !

This post has been quite popular and has attracted more than 10 comments (highest for any of my posts) for the simple reason that this has been included in one of the post of 70 Reader Blogging Tips by Darren on his blog. To be honest, this post dose not give any tip to readers. I just sent it to Darren so as to inform him that I am too taking part in his blogging challenge. I was not expecting an inclusion. However, Darren decided to include this post in his link . It’s because of this post that my blog’s traffic rose to a whooping 50 visitors a day 🙂 for two days !. Its not a very promising stat but it has at least resulted in an improved visibility for my blog.

After this post, I wrote two posts on blogging tips. One was Don’t be too personal in your blog and the other was Most essential plugins for your wordpress blog. These two posts are my two blolgging tips to blogger’s community till date. I submitted both of them to Darren. However, none of them has been published by him till now. Regarding the comments these posts have generated, the first one in which I wrote about how one should not be too personal in my blog has invited a mixed reaction from readers. Some beg to differ from this by stating that it’s a personal touch that makes a blog attractive to it’s reader. I can’t agree more on this. What I was trying to convey is that we should not be too personal in our blogging and our main focus should be the niche about which we blog.

My other post which is regarding most essential plugins for a WordPress blog has resulted into two positive comments. One person thanked me for compiling this list whereas the other person, who incidentally was author of one of the plugins I mentioned in the list (Trevor, who wrote Subscribe Remind plugin ) thanked me for including his plugin. I personally feel that his post on useful plugins for wordpress has been my best post till date as it took me many hours to compile the lists (which was based upon my personal use of these plugins and recommendation/experience of other users). However, I am quite amused that this post has attracted just two comments and almost negligible traffic.

The other suggestions which Darren has give is to check my Referral Stats, the questions being asked in search engine by readers to find my blog, what keywords are sending traffic and how many people are leaving the blog by reading just one post.

My comments : Apart from Darren’s link in his blog about 70 blogging tips (which include my post mentioned above) my website is getting traffic from Michele Martin’s wonderful Blog . The main reason for this is that I am one of the participant of The 31 Days to a Better Blog Challenge as a result of which my blog has got one permanent link on her blog. Apart from her website, I am getting traffic from the Blogs of other participants also. In my opinion this is an example of seasonal traffic which I am getting from these participants. Once this challenge is over there will be a decrease in this traffic unless I make some valuable bonds with these fellow bloggers.

As my blog is very new and there is not much content for readers, I am getting almost no referrals from Search Engines. I know I need to work hard for a long time on this blog to establish it properly. These things are what we known as ‘teething troubles’ of any new venture. I need to create good quality content for this blog in order to make it popular. I hope I shall be able to do this eventually.

I am also getting a little traffic from my other blog New tips for Stress-free Life where I posts useful articles related to productivity and other lifehacks tricks.

I am not much concerned about those readers who leave my Blog after reading just one post. This blog has so little content and so little traffic that it’s natural that people leave early. This will be a matter of concern for me after one year .At that time I shall see.

So here is my dig at my Blog’s traffic. To be honest, as of now I don’t care much about bringing traffic to this Blog. My main concern is to create qualitative, original & interesting content for my readers. Once I do this, traffic will not be a big problem.

2 Responses to Dig Into Your Blog’s Statistics: Task for day 11

  1. Sue Waters Aug 12, 2007 at 3:55 am #

    Actually I also really liked your post on WordPress plugin and have been considering letting others know about the great post.

    The issue I have is that I use Edublogs – which means many of the plugins I believe are not available. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong.


  2. Indian Aug 13, 2007 at 2:03 pm #

    Thanks for commenting Sue. I don’t know much about Edublogs. So can’t comment on whether these plugins will work on it or not. Anyway thanks for the comment.

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